A post from someone on social media about Jessica and her dirty laundry

    Jessica is a candidate for office. We figured that since she attacks almost every single political figure she comes across, now it’s her turn to face the music.

    Almost everyone is afraid of her because of what she has done to other people in surrounding communities. She’s burned big bridges in New Bedford, Fall River, Swansea, and Somerset. But Somerset seems to be the only community that embraces and puts up with her. SOBBP is her cult. They love her. She feels accepted. What does that say about us? Rhetorically asking of course.

    Well guess what? I’m done watching her do this to GOOD people that don’t deserve it. Almost no one will speak up to her or defend themselves. She runs around town(s) trying to drag people down. Trying to ruin their name and smear their good character, all under he guise of the 1st Amendment. Allegedly, of course.

    Now it’s time for her to look in the mirror and face the music. She is a candidate running for office after all.

    It’s hard to believe that all of these things have ONE PERSON in common. I mean, (like she says), allegedly of course. IMHO. Because using the word “allegedly” seems to make the bullies feel empowered to say whatever they want. They use it all the time as if it covers their asses. Now it’s my turn to try it. Allegedly, of course.

    So what say you, good people, what do all of these things have in common? Or should I say, who?

    Allegedly, of course.

    • Person that video tapes herself calling teachers “greedy f*cks”

    • Person that video tapes herself saying people should teach kids the word “c*nt”

    • Supported Jasiel Correia getting re-elected in his own recall election after he was indicted

    • Got fired from Bank of America job

    • Got fired from WSAR before even having a confirmed show

    • Lost two elections in landslides and has never been elected

    • Best friend got fired from Somerset School System

    • Videotaped breaking into North Elementary to “prove a point”, deleted the video and denies it

    • Opened a consignment shop in Somerset and went bankrupt, only to screw over the donors and keep their goods, also didn’t pay rent and got evicted

    • Has a Harassment Prevention Order (HPO, restraining order) that has been extended twice due to lack of behaving

    • Harasses people using multiple fake profiles

    • Commiserates with the new police chief

    • Is loved and used by Save Our Bay Brayton Point (SOBBP)

    • Uses her own kids as pawns in political agenda

    • Has several court appearances for credit default

    • Besties with Chris Murphy

    • Is widely known in Bristol County as a bully

    • Compulsive liar

    • Compulsive crier, especially when caught

    • Blames everyone else for own problems

    • Blackmails anyone that gets in the way

    • Created a “safety” group for schools and would divulge details from the school safety committee to help her own personal political agenda, putting the kids’ safety at risk

    • Likes to say “I’m friends with the chief”

    The list goes on and I’m sure I’m missing much more. ALLEGEDLY of course…

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