Debt, more debt, and massively screwing people over…

    Jess loves to trash anyone and everyone she possibly can. She is the queen of projection. She has debt, so she has to call out everyone who has debt to make herself feel better. She can’t hold down a real job, so she has to attack everyone else’s jobs. She is…ok we will stop right there because we aren’t going to body shame anyone…but you catch the drift.

    Here is an email we received recently from an anonymous person about her past. Also included are screenshots from court documents displaying her past debt. There is a lot. Most people have debt, so it’s not a big deal. The only big deal is that this hypocrite is trashing everyone around her for having normal problems, when she isn’t any better.



    Jess Machado came after me viciously in the past. She is mentally unstable and you should consider a restraining order because she is bat shit crazy.

    So, you know, she was fired from The Gap for stealing money in the early 2000s, and I’ve heard she was let go from the Belmont Club and Family Services for the same reasons. 

    Also, she was given FROED money to open a consignment shop (Coastal Consignment) in Somerset and when it shut down she kept all of the people’s money/items from the shop and never paid the loan. 

    Also, her partner in crime, Jeff Leary, from WSAR has an outstanding capias for credit card debt but she’s not going to talk about that. 

    I don’t know how she got on the radio but I guarantee you it will end in some sort of crazy situation. I’m sorry you’re being attacked and I know exactly what it’s like. She is going after the Turtle Boy guy for the same reason – he did some awful stories about her.

    jess machado Archives – TB Daily News

    jess machado Archives – TB Daily News

    Hope it’s ok, but you should 100% alert the authorities because she has a history of doing crazy things.”

    A few court docs:

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